Wellmatics unveils new state Of The Art facility

By Billy Anthony |

Opening in Fall 2020, the brand-new Wellmatics facility is a complete design, planning, and assembly space that was built to produce excellence for the completion industry.

Growth Leads to Change

Planning for the new facility began in early 2019 as it became apparent that the current space for Wellmatics would not suit our needs in the long run. Wellmatics continued to grow as our development progressed, and soon the small building was no longer enough to house our growing innovation. Equipped with the knowledge gained from dealing with the current location’s deficiencies, our team set out to design a new facility that would offer everything we needed to produce solutions and grow into the future.

“Our aim is to deliver a higher standard of performance and help companies be successful with less personnel at the wellsite.”

Planning for Perfection

One advantage of moving from one facility to another is understanding what the current space is lacking and using this as a springboard to develop must-haves for the new one. When planning out the new space, the Wellmatics team wanted a layout that was better for both personnel and products.

Catering to the team’s needs, and planning for future growth of personnel, the Wellmatics team designed a space with an expanded office area, conference rooms, a convenient break room, and open space in the back for parking. Having a climate-controlled assembly space was important not only for the team’s comfort, but also for maintaining quality in our products. We designed a 3,000 sq ft climate control assembly space to address these needs.

Keeping in line with our push for automation, we added this in many forms to our own facility. We built conveyors, automated machinery for QC checks, optimized assembly lines, and much more. We also expanded our storage capabilities with more square footage.

Powered by Technology

Building products with advanced capabilities requires an innovative design and production facility that allows us to practice what we preach. The new Wellmatics space features an engineering bullpen that drives creativity, leading to new ideas that bring the most innovative solutions to our customers.

With the expansive new facility, we were able to add to our engineering team, giving us the expertise and space to refine our perforating gun system as well as move on to testing other new products.

The new buildout took roughly one year to complete. The 38,000 sq ft facility is set to be a production and testing megacenter. The entire Wellmatics team looks forward to welcoming clients to the new space, providing tours and delivering the resources needed to customize solutions for them. We are proud to have come so far so fast — from the garage to a market-leading product in under two years.