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Improving Efficiency Through Automation

At Wellmatics, we develop new oil and gas exploration and production equipment with one main purpose in mind: to simplify operations for field employees. With a passion to drive performance in the wireline oil and gas operations, our team of engineers create solutions designed to reduce human errors with technology that enhances efficiency and success. In the end, it all comes down to delivering better service to our customers.

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PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Perforating System

We design innovative perforating equipment, delivering a truly automated gun system that brings safety, reliability, and efficiency to operations.

PHIRE perforating gun system


Wellmatics offers complete best-in-class Strykezone family of shape charges, detonators, detonating cord, and igniters

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Escape

Utilizing the patent pending pressure activated ball bearing release mechanism, the PHIRE Escape release tool ensures a clean release in any wellbore environment.

Our Approach

At Wellmatics, we believe that improved efficiency starts with advances in technology that reduce the need for human intervention, thereby reducing the risk of error. Instead of developing oil and gas exploration and production equipment with unnecessary additions that complicate operations, we simplify solutions so workers in the field can complete jobs faster and more reliably. Discover our unique approach to perforating equipment solutions and more.

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Case Study

Want to hear how our oil and gas exploration and production equipment has helped other companies improve their operations? Explore our case studies to see how we build custom solutions that fit our clients’ needs

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