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Prioritizing Safety & Reliability

The Wellmatics Approach

At Wellmatics, we have a full team of engineers who design products to enhance wellsite and perforating operations.

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This is the way

We take pride in developing customized solutions so that energy exploration and production companies have the equipment they need to be efficient in the field. We adhere to a comprehensive manufacturing process to ensure that each product we produce will deliver exceptional performance. Using advanced software and relying on constant input from our manufacturing team, we verify and optimize our designs before turning raw materials into individual parts with state-of-the-art machines specifically built for manufacturing our components. Your custom design will then head to final assembly in one of our departments.

why wellmatics

Safety Focus

Both in our facility and out in the field, safety is paramount. We have many measures in place to ensure safety for both our team and our end users. From safety in the warehouse — including mandatory new employee training, redundant safety features designed and engineered into our system, and trained and certified assembly techs as well as situational training for all employees — to cautionary measures surrounding our products — with third-party safety certification based on API RP 67 guidelines for detonators and addressable switches, Department of Transportation Safety Certifications for the transport of explosives, and packaging certifications for shipping — our actions put safety first.

Outperforming the Rest

We take factors related to human error into account and design them out through automation. By prioritizing reliability, efficiency, and safety, we are building better products that stand the test of time.

Guns Fired
Success Rate
4x Faster
Gun-Loading Speed Over Standard Switch Guns
why wellmatics

Reliability Focus

With a long history of field experience in wellsite operations, Wellmatics understands how to design products that eliminate the risk of human error. To ensure continuity in delivering the highest-quality products, we conduct frequent engineering audits and have a QC lead on the floor for constant quality control checks and training. All in all, your reputation is our reputation, and we are dedicated to performing perfectly each and every time.

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Enhance Your Reliability

Want to see how Wellmatics can increase reliability in your operations? Reach out for a free estimate.