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Wellmatics offers full line of Energetic products for your completion and recompletion needs. With industry leading shape charges for hole size consistency and variance packaged with our PHIRE System detonators and igniters we have what you require for success at the wellsite. Not only will you have the best available technology you will have the quality and service you deserve when utilizing Wellmatics Energetics

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PHIRE perforating gun system

Shaped Charges

Best in Class Variation of hole size the XACT StrikeZone leads the pack. Along with an assortment of Shaped Charge options for all of your perforating needs and requirements. Customization no problem we deliver each and every time

PHIRE perforating gun system


Offering complete line of explosive initiators. Detonators for conventional electric line perforating, pipe recovery, and mechanical services

PHIRE perforating gun system

Detonating Cord

Wellmatics offers full complimentary options of detonating cord available for all our perforating needs.

PHIRE perforating gun system


Wellmatics Igniters change the game. One package compatible with industry power charges. 100% indication every time. If that is not enough the Dual Igniter gives one more level of security in the most critical aspect of zonal isolation.

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Stick

Wellmatics RF safe electronic detonating assembly. We deliver the highest quality control measures for addressable perforating offered in the industry. Get back to what matters at the well and deliver superior results.

wellmatics advanced performance

Want to Increase Uptime?

The PHIRE wireline perforating gun system can help streamline your operations in the field. Learn how!