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PHIRE™ Stick

With safety and operational consistency accountability, the Wellmatics PHIRE Stick get the job done. From the early days of multiple selection perforating, the issues that plague the user and/or create the most downtime are repeated time and time again: wiring mishaps, lack of grounding for communication, and worst of all, transfer of the detonator to the detonating cord for initiation of the perforating gun. Wellmatics took the guesswork out for all of these. The PHIRE Stick has the strictest quality control measures to enhance the user and is compliant with API RP 67.

The PHIRE Stick provides one tool that can do it all. The Wellmatics Dual Electric Contact is unlike anything else in the industry and ensures a successful PHIRE each and every time. Downhole Shot Detection, temperature, and black box history recording with the software all in one package. Remember if your crews are still cutting, crimping, and wiring then you are taking chances of having a failure. Put the best tool in their hands that will ensure the job gets completed.

Always PHIRE

PHIRE Stick Features

  • Detonator
  • Addressable Switch
  • Pressure bulkhead
  • Automated wires with terminals
  • Dual redundant electrical contact
  • Downhole shot detection
  • Downhole temperature

Quality Control at manufacturing center

  • Plastic Injection Molding to Specified Tolerances
  • Automated Machine Manufactures All Wires and Crimp Connections.
  • 4-point QC Check System
  • 100% Inspection of Addressable Switch and Detonator
  • X-Ray Traceability on Every Stick
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Want to Increase Uptime?

The PHIRE wireline perforating gun system can help streamline your operations in the field. Learn how!