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Customized Wireline Perforating Gun Solutions

In multi-well pad, zipper-frac operations, efficiency is everything. To deliver on high completion demands, wellsite operations need advanced solutions that are built for their specific needs. Enter the PHIRE high-performance perforating gun system, a revolution in innovation that uses automation to streamline operations in the field and reduce costly misfires. Learn how PHIRE can increase your uptime — and your profits.

Meeting Wellsite Demands

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With standard wireline perforating guns, misfires are all-too-common occurrences that interrupt field operations and lead to expensive unexpected downtime. In many cases, these misfires are the result of human error that could be avoided when utilizing more advanced solutions that use automation to increase accuracy. With the PHIRE wireline perforating gun system from Wellmatics, you gain access to reliable, safer wireline field operations.

With the PHIRE perforating system, our engineers are able to design out human factors that lead to errors. To further streamline operations and lessen misfires and other occurrences, our system is automated for quality and efficiency. With features such as multiple shot orientations, including 0, 60, 90, 120, 180 degrees; no onsite wiring and crimping to enhance safety and reliability; and versatility that can’t be beat, the PHIRE perforating system provides unparalleled performance for energy exploration and production companies.


  • Multistage, Multiwell Completions
  • Horizontal and Vertical Wells in Unconventional Plays
  • Limited-Entry Designs
  • High-Efficiency Wellsite Completions
  • Refrac Well Completions
  • Simple and Accurate Orientation

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The PHIRE™ Difference

Curious how the endlessly customizable PHIRE system can advance your company? See how we've helped others.

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PHIRE perforating gun system

Perforating Guns

Wellmatics PHIRE Perforating Guns deliver above expectation with speed, consistency, and above all quality Designed for the industry by the industry leaders. Welcome the new leader - PHIRE.

PHIRE perforating gun system


Wellmatics hardware is designed with one goal in mind- do more with less. We offer the minimalist approach by understanding impacts to the environment with the sleekest most reliable hardware available today.

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Stick

Wellmatics RF safe electronic detonating assembly. We deliver the highest quality control measures for addressable perforating offered in the industry. Get back to what matters at the well and deliver superior results.

PHIRE perforating gun system


Wellmatics Igniters change the game. One package compatible with industry power charges. 100% indication every time. If that is not enough the Dual Igniter gives one more level of security in the most critical aspect of zonal isolation.

PHIRE perforating gun system


Wellmatics PHIRE Box provides confidence through confirmation, utilizing the fastest inventory of switches, providing real time feedback and validation of system communication.

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Safe Validator

Validate your system readiness anywhere, anytime. API RP 67 compliant, the best preventive measure you can have.

PHIRE perforating gun system


The PHIRE Wall Composite Frac has a compact design with a simple installation that allows for efficient wireline operations.

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE Escape

In today’s intensive well completion environments, the need for a reliable and efficient plug and perf system is key to driving maximum stages per day.

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Want to Increase Uptime?

The PHIRE wireline perforating gun system can help streamline your operations in the field. Learn how!