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PHIRE™ Igniters

The PHIRE Igniter and Dual PHIRE Igniter breaks the mold when it comes to igniters available on the market.

With internal switch and explosive combined into a simple streamlined package, the PHIRE Igniter is the ultimate solution to preventing downhole failures. The PHIRE Igniter provides a seal between the power charge and the gun above, but eliminates an electrical connection in the process. This allows unparalleled grounding for the igniter and can work with any power charge ensures your success in setting a plug.


The Dual PHIRE Igniter has two switches to ensure that you have confirmation and a backup plan in the event you must use for the most critical aspects of your completions.

  • Igniter
  • Addressable Switch
  • Pressure bulkhead
  • Automated cut wires with terminals
  • Grounding confirmation through switch
  • Downhole shot detection
  • Positive indication of power charge ignition

Quality Control at manufacturing center:

  • Plastic Injection Molding to Specified Tolerances
  • Automated Machine Manufactures All Wires and Crimp Connections.
  • 4-point QC Check System
  • 100% Inspection of Addressable Switch and Igniter
  • Second Switch Available in Dual PHIRE for that Critical Moment
  • Compatible with All Power Charges
  • Firing Head Combo Sub Available for Conventional and Disposable Setting Tools
  • Second Switch Available in Dual PHIRE for that Critical Moment
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Want to Increase Uptime?

The PHIRE wireline perforating gun system can help streamline your operations in the field. Learn how!