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Composite Frac Plug

The Phire Wall Frac Plug is an ultrashort composite frac plug that provides reliable zonal isolation during hydraulic fracturing. It is optimized for each stage of frac operations: running in hole, fracing, and mill up. The Phire Wall has a compact design with simple installation that allows for efficient wireline operations. Its robust seal and engineered slip design sets with minimal stroke length and reliably anchors into the casing. An Industry-leading length and material selection reduces mill times to minutes.

Product Highlights

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  • Bilateral slip design provides reliable performance at elevated pressures and temperatures for both fracturing and flowback.
  • Design reduces debris in wellbore and allows for drill-up times as low as 3-5 minutes.
  • Anti-preset features built into the plug and Wireline Adapter Kit ensure reliable pump down and prevent premature slip deployment.
  • Robust packing element system for high-pressure frac operations.
  • Pump down ring provides faster and more efficient pump down operations.
  • Integrates into the Phire System with the Wellmatics Phire Set setting tool. 


  • 10,000 PSI
  • Differential Pressure Rating
  • 375 Degrees F
  • Temperature Rating
  • 7 inch Set Length
  • For Efficient Milling 
  • 99.1%
  • Composite Material by weight 

Casing Size
Overall Length
Set Length
Overall Length
(Plug & Setting Tool)
Pressure Rating
Temp Rating
Casing Size5.5" 20-23#
Overall Length9.3
Set Length7.3
Overall Length (Plug & Setting Tool)47.1
Pressure Rating10,000 PSI
Temp Rating275°F
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