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PHIRE Set Tool

At one third the length of a traditional multi use setting tool, the Wellmatics PHIRE Set single use setting tool significantly reduces the overall tool string length, allowing for longer gun assemblies. This single use setting tool also reduces operating time and eliminates the risk of human error due to improper rebuilding. The PHIRE Set tool is delivered to the customer downhole-ready and is quality-checked, ensuring that all tolerances are within spec so that optimal plug setting performance is achieved every time. The single use setting tool uses baker style #10 and #20 connections so it can be run with any of the Wellmatics perforating systems.

Wellmatics PHIRE SET


  • Tool String Length is Significantly Reduced
  • Portless
  • Self-bleeding
  • No Oil Required
  • Works with PHIRE IGNITER
  • Downhole-ready Reducing Risk of Human Error
  • Compatible with Baker Style Connections


  • 32.67" Long
  • 3.25" OD
  • 7" Stroke Length
  • 50,000 lbs. Shear Rating
  • 15,000 psi Pressure Rating

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