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PHIRE LINE Automatic Aligning

Perforating Gun System

In the dynamic domain of unconventional well technology, achieving precise perforation orientation remains a top priority. The pursuit of exact azimuthal alignment while simplifying hardware has long been hindered by the limitations of existing solutions, plagued by issues of reliability, inefficiency, and economic constraints. Introducing our innovative solution—the PHIRE LINE Gun System, poised to drive a significant transformation within the industry. This cutting-edge technology empowers operators to attain precise perforation orientation within a 5-degree range of the desired azimuth. Internally oriented components, enabling the automatic alignment of the charge tube, eliminating the need for externally oriented hardware like eccentric weight bars. This reduces system complexity and enhances reliability. Our fully modular design significantly minimizes human-related errors and assembly time for orientation hardware, guaranteeing superior perforating operations. This departs from conventional oriented perforating procedures, which typically demand specialized hardware and personnel for gun string preparation and execution. Welcome to a new era in perforating technology with the PHIRE LINE Gun System—a revolutionary advancement promising precision, efficiency, and enhanced reliability, while minimizing the potential for human errors, like never before.

Optimizing Oriented Perforations

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The StrykeZone ZeroN shaped charge seamlessly integrates with the PHIRE LINE gun system, providing reliable delivery for optimal perforation in zero-degree operations. Engineered with technical precision, it sets a new standard for consistent and optimal hole size performance. Bundled with the PHIRE LINE gun system, it offers a turnkey solution for zero-degree perforating, empowering engineers with precision and control. Available in multiple hole sizes, the StrykeZone ZeroN shaped charge transcends conventional methods, reshaping completion engineering with enhanced operational efficiency and unmatched technical innovation. StrykeZone ZeroN - a transformative force redefining technical boundaries in fracture stimulation.


  • Self-Orientation
  • Fully Modular Detonator Assembly
  • Customizable Shot Phasing
  • Full Disposable System
  • Reduces HSE Exposure
  • RF Safe


  • DIAMETER 3.25 in.
  • SHOT PHASING 0o 180o 90o/270o
  • SHOT DENSITY up to 8 shots

Fully Modular Automatic Aligning System

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PHIRE perforating gun system

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Wellmatics offers complete best-in-class Strykezone family of shape charges, detonators, detonating cord, and igniters

PHIRE perforating gun system

PHIRE™ Perforating System

Wellmatics PHIRE Perforating Guns deliver above expectation with speed, consistency, and above all quality Designed for the industry by the industry leaders. Welcome the new leader - PHIRE.

PHIRE perforating gun system


In today’s intensive well completion environments, the need for a reliable and efficient plug and perf system is key to driving maximum stages per day.