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PHIRE™ Escape

In today’s intensive well completion environments, the need for a reliable and efficient plug and perf system is key to driving maximum stages per day. A major component to a high-performance plug and perf system is the release tool. Most ballistic release tools currently available encounter common failures and challenges related to the difficulty of wiring, arming and assembling, limited capability to handle axial stress with increasingly more complex perforating gun assemblies, the lack of maintenance, and the increase in explosive handling, transport and storage.

The PHIRE Escape release tool was developed to address these challenges.

Utilizing the patent pending pressure activated ball bearing release mechanism, the PHIRE escape tool ensures a clean release in any wellbore environment. The internals have been designed, engineered and tested to withstand the harshest conditions seen in wireline plug and perf operations. From the hardest hitting setting tools to high shot density gun strings and long-complex assemblies encountered during rig up operation, the PHIRE release tools robust and simple design has been proven to deliver. The PHIRE release tool has been designed to utilize the patent pending Dual PHIRE Igniter. The Dual PHIRE Igniter provides the pressure required to actuate the PHIRE release mechanism.


  • Delivered, inspected and job ready
  • One step arming module eliminates challenging wiring and arming operations at the wellsite
  • Full redundancy to fire the release mechanism
  • Provides pressure assisted release to ensure clean release from stuck tool string
  • Dual PHIRE Igniter can be utilized to initiate power charge in the setting tool to minimize inventory, reduce waste and optimize explosive handling, transport and storage


  • Max O.D.: 2.75"
  • Length: 20.6".
  • Max Temperature: 350°F
  • Max Pressure: 20,000 psi
  • Max Pull: 42,000 lbf
  • Tool Position: Free, Decentralized, Centralized
  • Borehole Fluids: Freshwater, Saltwater, Oil-Based
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