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Revolutionize Operations With PHIRE

Conventional wireline perforating gun systems often have difficulty rising to the challenges of the fast-paced standards of today’s multiwell-pad zipper-frac operations. The Wellmatics PHIRE perforating gun system offers higher stage-per-day performance with an uncompromising level of built-in safety features.

PHIRE High-Performance Perforating System

Discover the difference with our automated, versatile perforating system.The Wellmatics PHIRE high-performance perforating system, a true engineered automated solution, is the answer to current completion demands.

With oil and gas operators completing as many as 20 stages per day and using up to 40 perforating guns per wireline run, wellsite demands on wireline field operations to efficiently assemble and deploy long perforating strings are challenging.

The PHIRE perforating system is designed to reduce gun lengths, minimize handling and improve the safety and efficiency of wellsite operations. The flexible system is compatible with industry-standard shaped charges and can be customized to any shot phasing, orientation and density requirements. The PHIRE system is preassembled in a controlled facility, then delivered to the wellsite ready to deploy.

Perforating for Optimum ResultsWellmatics recommends using StrykeZone XACT charges, which deliver consistent, large perforation entrance hole (E.H.) diameters. The large E.H. diameters prevent proppant bridging, and the consistent size improves fracture placement by providing uniform distribution of treating fluids and increased cluster stimulation.

Together, the PHIRE system and StrykeZone XACT charges help deliver record-setting performance that lowers completion time, reduces risk, decreases operating cost and maximizes total available pumping time—reaching for the goal of higher production and a better bottom line.

Avaliable Specifications

At Wellmatics, we aim to deliver customized perforating solutions. Let us build you a system that meets your specific needs using the diameter, shot phasing, and shot density specifications listed below.

Shot Phasing
Shot Density
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Interested in Customized Solutions?

Wellmatics provides customized solutions to improve your bottom line.