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GR Energy Services

A Wellmatics Case Study

Gr Energy Services

Customized Gun System

in Just Two Weeks

GR Energy Services is a completion and production solutions company that is committed to improving safety, efficiency, and reliability for oil and gas companies as well as water management companies. To achieve their goals, they needed a quick turnaround on a customized gun system. Wellmatics was able to deliver and provide a solution in just two weeks.

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The Problem

In multi-stage hydraulic refracturing operations, precision and efficiency is key. GR Energy Services has played an important role in exploration of many oil basins, and they were looking for ways to improve their refrac perforating operations to reduce failures and eliminate non-productive time that conventional refrac perforating gun systems typically incur due to the difficulty of wiring switches and detonator inside smaller diameter gun bodies.

Decision Criteria

GR Energy Services chose to work with Wellmatics due to not only our highly-reliable, efficient solutions, but also for our ability to deliver a customized gun system quickly without sacrificing quality. They appreciated the fact that at Wellmatics we don’t say no to challenges or simply provide a one-size-fits-all solution; instead we work with clients to ensure we can help them solve their particular problem. It was the combination of all of these factors that influenced their selection.

why wellmatics

The Solution

To help GR Energy Services improve their operational efficiency, we built a customized perforating gun solution that would help them eliminate misfires and reduce the risk of human errors to increase their production.

The Results

GR Energy Services was impressed with the speed at which we were able to deliver the new gun system. Wellmatics provided solutions that helped transform their operations and delivered a 100% success rate when the system was deployed for their customer’s ReFrac operation. GR Energy Services continues to deliver the highest level of performance utilizing the PHIRE ReCharge perforating gun system.

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Turnaround Time
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